TrustMe Radio is an Internet based community radio station.  Its objective is to bring clusters of
communities together individually and/or as one large community.  The benefits of being an Internet based is having the ability to reach people far and wide, across continents as opposed to conventional radio settings.
TrustMe Radio enables it’s deejays to express themselves musically, you can hear a range of different music such as Soul, Reggae, Rare Groove, Slow Jam, House, Garage, Bassline, Drum & Bass
They are also scheduling a tight programme of live deejays spanning 24 hours.  More deejays are expressing their commitment to the station therefore changes are also underfoot.
Founder / Management
Michael (Mikey) Hibbert who has been around the scene spinning music for many years. His inspiration came from not only his motivation supplying communities with good music but being able to bring others on board who wanted to develop their own musical talents. Mikey first became involved in radio by appearing on his brother in law's station, Classic Radio, late 80s early 90s. Mikey have a passion for both soul and reggae music. Playing at functions such as parties, gigs that continues today. Back in the day, you could find Mikey playing at places such as Westburys on Wandsworth Road.
The Spirit is a newcomer in the arena of broadcasting music. Her preferred genre is Soul but is able to mix and blend other tones. Her Saturday evening show 18.00 -20.00pm called Soul 4 Da Soul is a mixture of old and new artists. The objective here is the preparation of relaxation whether getting ready to rave later on or chillax at home.
DJ Marvellous
I was given a small record player for Christmas when I was about 10 years old and that gift to this day has to be one of my all time favourites. I played my dads 7 inches on it and was hooked from then. As I grew older I would spend my Saturday's in the record shop searching for tunes - to be played in my bedroom! I continued to buy music but just never had the confidence to be anything more than a 'bedroom' DJ. About 5 years ago after many many conversations with certain individuals, I transitioned on to an internet radio station. I was scared as hell - I didn't want to fail - no one does - I didn't - and I haven't looked back since. I DJ at events here and there so keep an eye out for me - you'll be in for a treat I promise you! I love all things Independent and Neo, but do expect to hear R&B, a little Jazz and some soulful Hip Hop all thrown into the mix for good measure. I pride myself in the fact that I enjoy playing music you need to get to know so always expect something a little different.
DJ Smiley B
Reggae & Soul
DJ Doctor Bones
The Family
DJ's & MC's
Sweet P, T.Mac, Spud, Redman, Father Yam
Soul, Independants & Slow Jams
DJ RipDanger & MC Scottie
House & Garage
DJ Renz
DJ Chill
R'n'B & Reggae
Vinyl Specialists