Trustme Radio is an Internet based community radio station. Its objective is to bring clusters of communities together individually and/or as one large community. The benefits of being an Internet based is having the ability to reach people far and wide, across continents as opposed to conventional radio settings.
Trustme radios inception is created by Michael (Mikey) Hibbert who has been around the scene spinning music from many years. His inspiration came from not only his motivation supplying communities with good music but being able to bring others on board who wanted to develop their own musical talents. Mikey first became involved in radio by appearing on his brother in law’s station, Classic Radio, late 80s early 90s. Mikey have a passion for both soul and reggae music. Playing at functions such as parties, gigs that continues today. Back in the day, you could find Mikey playing at places such as Westburys on Wandsworth Road.
Trustme radio is also providing the perfect vehicle for addressing the gap that many other stations fail to provide. Not just in the different music spanning decades (not predominantly concentrating on new releases) but also deejays having autonomy to express themselves as individuals. Both young and older listeners will find something that resonates with them. The station is in an infantile stage against other well-known stations but understands that more engagement with its listeners will determine further developments that will undoubtedly connect station with listeners more.
As Trustme radio enables is deejays to express themselves musically, you can hear a range of different music such as soul, reggae, house and drum and bass. They are also scheduling a tight programme of live deejays spanning 24 hours. More deejays are expressing their commitment to the station therefore changes are also underfoot.
Mikey has previously been involved with an online publication, Purejam, that spoke on many different aspects of music. DJ Spoony from the Dream Team was one of the authors of the magazine as was Tipper Irie and Chris Goldfinger. The magazine was a platform for promotions, sponsorships, discovering new talent such as (Natalie – Floetry), putting on events such as poetry nights at Porkies.
In time, Trustme radio’s evolvement will be again to give new talents an opportunity to showcase their abilities. In the meantime, if anyone wants to promote themselves, they can use the website For up-to-date information, you can add yourself to Trustme Radio on Facebook.
Help us to help you in providing a station that not only provide is listeners with fine music but community news by sharing its presence with friends and family. Connect without using one of the median is provided in Contact and let us know if we can be of assistance to you. Trustme Radio is also providing an advertising platform so if you have a business or function that you would like advertising contact admin at



The Spirit
Bio The Spirit is a newcomer in the arena of broadcasting music. Her preferred genre is Soul but is able to mix and blend other tones. Her Saturday evening show 18.30 -22.80pm called Soul 4 Da Soul is a mixture of old and new artists. The objective here is the preparation of relaxation whether getting ready to rave later on or chillax at home. More recently, The Spirit is playing other types of genres on her Wednesday night show - 22.00 - Midnight called The Mix Up. Here anything goes, rhyme but no reason. Coaching the developing woman.
Smiley B
The Family
DJ Renz
Trickster Phonic
RIP Danger & MC Scotty
Ian Lewis
DJ Fury